I'm Justin Perry and I'm a photographer and retoucher based out of Boone, NC.

I received my degree in commercial photography from Appalachian State University, and have worked as a photographer for several years for many different organizations and publications. I'm the current Visual Managing Editor of The Appalchian. If you're really curious check out my LinkedIn here, but the short list includes:

Photographer at Appalachian State Athletics

Visual Managing Editor at The Appalachian Online 

Intern at Amazon Product Imaging

Photographer at Smith Gallery in The Schaefer Center 

I'm available for hire as a freelance retoucher no matter where you are in the world and as a headshot photographer in the Boone, Charlotte and Asheville areas of North Carolina. Be sure to check the retouching gallery as it will be constantly updated.

Let's make something cool together. 

LinkedIn / / perry.justinc@gmail.com